About us

this is our story

The Roy-Richard Leadership Empowerment Center was established in 2016 as a non-profit 501(c) 3 entity. It was created to develop and implement programs that promote and strengthen the communities of Manassas and other surrounding communities. These programs include individual and family empowerment, asset building, and economic self-sufficiency.

Our first goal is to impact our communities, neighborhoods by enhancing the quality of life in the community through outreach, community development, educational programs, and partnerships to develop and rehabilitate projects in the State of Virginia.

The second area of impact is through social engagement. We teach leadership through service and empowerment. That involves understanding the core tenet of Empowerment which is “the unselfish giving of one's self, resources and relationships to equip others with the ability to succeed in whatever endeavor they have been commissioned to perform”.

The third of area of impact is through spiritual leadership training. We do this by showing leaders and potential leaders how to facilitate change rather than attempting to manage change through time-test and solid biblical principles.